9.91d problems with graphs

9.91d - registered.
onscreen graphs
in 24hr mode … only indoor graph displays…max temp display 30’ C
in 12 hr mode… display inconsistant with figures. graph not displaying correctly
single lines across graph
no activity over 12 hr period

indoor temp/hum display seems to wotk ok
but the other graphs now no longer work…
frank scott

using wm-918… big pc… 256mb ram etc etc

check, under setup, general and misc, you do not have ticked, share the datafiles
also, any errors under view, program error log?
and check that the file latest.inf is updating
month92003.inf is updating

ok brian done that
yep the share files WAS ticked…
never ever used it so cant understand that one

no errors in view error log

yes inf files updating every 60 secs
ill see if the graph works after its run for a while, from the look of it the answer will be yes.
i can just see a little graph line appearing…

ill let you know of progress

as always a prompt and efficient reply…
i wish all s/w designers were as concientious.
and wrote such excellent s/w :slight_smile:

cheers mate


yeah, for some reason, some version, a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, somehow set that share datafiles to yes (maybe), which should be off by default)
you should be all good now

well all that is perfect again…

still cant adjust indoor temp/hum up - down… i guess thats not in yet.

frank now on ver 9.91e

you can recover the lost data:
(as long as the logfiles were still recording):
action, import log files, convert wd log files to graphs, and select the file 92003lg.txt
then click on convert