9.91b anomalies

greetings all.
having just upgraded from 9.79 to 9.91b i hav e found the following anomalies

1: inability at times to raise/lower temp/hum scale on graph
2: indoor temp graph max display 30’C (no raise/lwr)
3: in 24 graph outside temp does not graph
4: in 12 hr graph both indoor/outdoor display but max 30’ indoor

apart from that it seems very stable and i love the ability to graph indoor temp/hum (if it would do it proper for me)

my thanks for great s/w

frank in murwillumbah (w-d user for nearly 18 months now!)

i am going to add a auto scale to 35 or 40oC as needed for the indoor temp…

otherwise, what weather station type do yuou have >?
(as strange its not plotting on the 24 hour graph)
when did you download 9.91b, as i have done a few revisions to that

downloaded 48 hrs ago, using wm-918, 9.79 was workin a treat , graph wise , except it seemed to reset at midnight and 12 noon…most odd

frank in murwillumbah

check your reset times under the units setup
maybe you 12 there for one of the times to reset (i.e noon) instead of 0 (for midnight) or 9 (for NZ and australia)

i have just, fionally , fioxed the all time record high temperature LED not flashing
that bug has been there alon time, and it ws just a spelling mistake!

Noticed in 9.91b that when I look at the dials page for Outdoor Humidity & Barometer that after each value, max & min, the current value is also displayed. Now maybe it’s something I can turn off, I’m not sure.
Outdoor Humidity
Value=78.0 78%
MIN=78.0 78% (And time stamp)
MAX=96.0 78% (And time stamp)