9.81 Webcam help

I have lost the webcam after upgrading to 9.81. I have Win2K and DirectX 9. Any help would be appreciated! Also… does anyone have a W2K driver for the X10 USB video capture device that works with Weather Display??

losmon is reporting the same thing…
does it show in the web cam capture screen?
try reselcting it, and also try verison 9.81c

the upgraded web cam capture component might not have been such a good idea, but i will try a few things yet

The upgrade to 9.81c stopped the web cam capture from losing the settings, but now all I get is grey screens. The program error log shows “Error in grabbing the webcam image” Version 9.81 didn’t even write the .gif files, 9.81c does, but they are just grey. Under web cam setup, the image is ok. You can see it at http://home.wi.rr.com/vallone

ok, thats exactly were losmon is (I think he has a similar setup)
its working OK for me

i will woork with you on tryuing to get it fixed…

unzip this version to where you have weather display installed (exit wd first)

this version produces a blank image for me, so maybe it will work for you ! (one setting that i might have to make as a switch)

this new component alows me to add a floating web cam window, that you can leave on your desktop while wd is minimised or hidden in the system tray…its real neat…i will add that option soon…but the catch is it wont save to a file while its like that…but i might have a solution yet…

Sorta glad to see that someone else is having the identical problem… Thought I was out in left field on this one…


Well I dont know if this is the same problem but my image was grey for the first three images but is now at very low resolution. Cant figure out how to improve it.

Anyone got any ideas?

Is there any way within WD to “frame build”, this would stop the grey screen for me first pictures in the morning.



DirectX 9
Intel USB webcam 111
P3 550
XP Pro
WD 9.81C

I unzipped the file … still nogo.

I have purchased another web cam component

this one is completly different,and much easier to set up even more (it just finds the web cam and uses it auto)
I have also added a floating window of the web cam image, so you can always see the latest image, floating on your desktop

verison 9.81d
uploading now

i will gaurantee that this will work or I eat my hat!

Do you like salt/pepper or ketchup??? :lol: :lol: :lol:

I’ll test it out on my system when I get back home next Tuesday and I’m sure it will work if you’re that confident. I’ve never doubted you before…

the new vers is ready now

It works!!! However, I find that you have to NOT select the “start capture” button for it to work. Pressing that button also stops you from accessing any of the menus!

the start capture is for if you dont have ticked restore next time…
and once ticked i need to disable it…

good it works!
check out the floating window,…:slight_smile:


Uploaded new version.
No grey screen as before however the image quality is still awfull. Is there any way to improve this?

Can be viewed at http://www.eastyorkshire.co.uk/eddsfield/EddsfieldWebcam.htm

On a minor note, if I go into the webcam setup screen I have to exit the program and restart before it will let me acces the page again.

Any ideas?



Win XP Pro
Latest WD
Intel USB 3 webcam

its not good
was it much better before i changed the component in 9.81?
i think i will try and go back to the old component

one thing to try:
try increasing the image width and height settings you have set
can you do a screen shot of the setup page and post here?

I have had trouble using Logitech’s QuickCam USB with W2K pro SP3. There are no W2K drivers for the USB QuickCam.

Logitech’s QuickCam Pro 4000 (USB) has worked flawlessly with W2K pro SP3 & SP4 and all versions of WD thru v9.81d uploaded at 2003/06/28 10:52.

What versions of WD fail, what WEB cam fails, and what is the OS software being used?

9.81e is now back to the old method, pre 9.81
if it aint broke, dont fix it, right ?
(but i have made some improvements)

this new component alows me to add a floating web cam window, that you can leave on your desktop while wd is minimised or hidden in the system tray....its real neat.....
It is real neat. Thank you. :D

Hi Brian

Thank you for sorting the webcam out.

I am now back on the web.