9.60c error: SetupDiEnumDeviceInterfaces in SETUPAPI.DLL

Upgrade from 9.47d to 9.60c. On startup get the following error from WeatherD.exe

The procedure entry point SetupDiEnumDeviceInterfaces could not be located in dynamic link library SETUPAPI.dll

Running on NT4 server SP 6a, version 4.00 of SETUPAPI.dll

Can’t readily locate information on any later version of SETUPAPI.dll or cause of failed call to dll.

Any advice please?


Reverted to 9.47d OK

i think it was adding the labjack support,which is not NT compatible, but i have that separate now
try vers 9.61

I tried 9.61 but unfortunately I still get the same error message.



ok, you have to use the win95/nt version

(which i will update the latest version soon)
the only difference with that version is no direct web cam support
the lab jack requires USB you see