9.58e corrupt installation

I just installed 9.58e on my machine and it now fails to start…

ljackuw.dll is missing… trying re-installing it, but it didn’t help.

Anybody have this .dll that I could try putting in?

I’m sure this will be an easy fix for Brian, I just hate having the system down for any significant amount of time…


Yes, I have exactly the same… went back to 9.58c and it’s up and running again.

Cheers, Aad

sorry about that
i forgot to include the dll for the labjack support now added
download a new 9.58e now

(i was in a rush, serves me right!)

Yes ! Working for me !

Whats labjack?


let you add a temperature probe , or read in a voltage from any device

so, you could easily add soil moisture probe to it…

it works off a USB
i have one here (sent to me), got it to work in 1 hour (I had some example code)

if anyone gets a hid.dll error…grab from here