9.48b - Program Starts the Freezes

I have a strange strart up problem with v9.48b The progeram starts and is displayed correctly on the screen, but none of the drop-down menus work and the program will not allow you to close it.

Trying a soft-reboot ctrl-alt-del to end the task and the following is hightlighted in the window

‘Double click to see the real time graph, right mouse click to see other options [not responding]’

This is not displayed in the WD program window.

Ending this task closes WD.


same here. I have to open and close the program several times before it behaves.

Make it 3.

For me it works nicely under Win98

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Phil :smiley: :smiley:

9.47E is working OK for me so I won’t go past until Brian figures it all out. Even the summary icon is changing like it should! :lol: :smiley: :!:

try a fresh download of that version
i made some changes to the web cam (live or not live option)

also, some people are getting a list index out bounds start up error
i hate it when that happens…hard to know what causes it… (i know what the error is, but dont where in the program causes it)