64 bit Weather Report Email

Good Evening
I have just updated my Weather Display software to version 10.37S build 151, everything works fine apart from the weather report email which now seems to be formatted in 64bit code (I am currently using Win 10 Pro 10.0.19045 Build 19045), the report within the email is now corrupt. To check, I have reverted back to my previous working version of Weather Display 10.37S Build 149 and the weather report email is formatted correctly (the email is coded as 7bit). Is there a setting within Weather Display that needs to be configured that controls the bit number (7 or 64bit) for the weather report email? Any help greatly received.

Many thanks

Might have to ask Brian direct, at [email protected]

I am seeing a related issue with the same Windows version of WD in that my weather report emails are displaying the raw html even though the ‘Use html format’ option is still ticked. Worked in the previous version (10.37Sb150).