5 Day not holding text color


The text color option on the 5 day forecast is not holding the selection.
It changes back to the default blue color when uploading to the web.

Also I mentioned earlier that the animated icons flicker on the main screen and 5 day forecast (although both are static on the web page)
Is anyone else seeing this??


the animated icon for rain at night:
its not a very good one, it seems to have a bad flicker,i will change to a non animated one i think
only after a web page update?
thats odd
as the gif image is updated when the whole thing is viewed or automaticly updated
does it do it when you view it?
maybe you are viweing an old image on the web site?
i.e check the image in your webfiles folder

Ahhhh… I downloaded a new WD version. I defaulted it back to blue.
Everything is under control. :slight_smile: