5 Day Forecast Help

Question… How do I get the 5 day forecast image to appear on my web page? The gif is being generated, but I cannot find where to enable it to be uploaded. The text version does upload… I know I can place it there manually, but I thought there was an automatic option…
I have asked this before, and people have said there’s an icon in the lower left corner of the program for this, but I have none. Thanks in advance.

Hi Bob,
It has to be done manually. :cry: It’s fairly easy though. My method is to click, let me manage the datahtm.2 file, first. Then go to that file and copy the index.gif html line (or some other similar) and paste it where you want the forecast to appear and then change the “index.gif” in the pasted line to “forecast5day.gif”. Walla, it appears. :stuck_out_tongue: