3rd Party Webcam setup issues

Got WD to see the webcam image from a 3rd party. But i can not make the time stamp part work or have WD set the images from the day to populate. the file location keeps adding /webfiles to the location tag. can anyone help.

If you are using a 3rd part camera software then thats how you have to do the overlay, as the wd camera will do overlay.
What software are you using?

WD sees the image coming from blue iris but WD will not make the time stamped files and the file address keeps adding webfiles to the path. e.g. wdsiplay/webfiles/webfiles/webfiles/webfiles\webfiles/webcam.gif

Dont you have to do the overlay in Blueiris?

I dont care about the overlays right now i want to get WD to make the daily videos

here is the major issue i am having.

Can anyone help

I’m not sure where all the extra webfiles directories have come from, but the wrong slash is being used so maybe that’s confusing things? Windows uses '' but the path uses ‘/’ in some places.

every time i open up the settings for the webcam it adds more webfiles…