32 degrees Indoors?

I am using a ws-2310. The last 4 nights WD has indicated that the minimum indoor temperature is 32.0 degrees. This happens at different times of the day, but always the same temperature. I know it is not that cold in my house. Anybody know why this is happening?

I have notice this also.

Must be something wrong with version 9.46b


I have checked the graphs and it looks like there are several “spikes” in the data where the temperature goes to 32 degrees.

Any ideas?

This is similar to the problems I am having with a LaCrosse WS2010, nothing graphed for a specific sensor, although the sensor is reported as OK…


It seems to be a problem with the WS-2310 …mine sent out a warning e-mail with exactly the same reading…32 degrees indoor, especially whenever I reboot the program. My station also spikes the wind at 58 mph on a occasion…any of you ever had that problem? Brian said it was a data problem indigenous to the 2310…I know that my heavy weather software that came with the station also showed some wierd spikes on rare occasion, so I tend to think he is right.
Jon Paul