31-day graphs missing data for last 9 days

Just purchased the software last week, and WDL is all I’ve got set up online so far. I noticed today that the 31-day graphs are flat for the last 9 days. I know I have (most of) this data on my PC, but I don’t know what’s set wrong in WD(L). I just set it all up a couple of weeks ago, and it looks like the other graphs are okay. Any ideas?

More detail just noticed: In looking at the 31 day rain, it shows 1.28" 16 days ago. The 7 day graph shows 1.28" last Monday, which is correct. Could this just be related to the data problems I had in set up? Should I forget about it, and keep going forward knowing that I’ve got a couple of weeks of funky data in the beginning? Or, is it possible (and worth the effort) to correct. WWYD? :?
BTW, haw you ever hit the “more” button by the smileys? These guys go on forever! :hathat49:

it should sort itself out as over the next few weeks, i.e the wrong data will get pushed out …thats my thoughts…
but otherwise its sourced from the logfile 112005lg.txt if you want to check that for problems (i.e like under view, averages/extreme , and then correct things (backup first))

Good to know where it’s reading the data from: 112005lg.txt. I’ve edited that file often over the past week or two to keep it cleaned up. I know there is some missing data in the file. Maybe the missing days of data are messing with the longer-term graphs. BTW, you helped me with some “flat-line” data that apparently was caused by a USB datalogger. From watching its occurence more closely, it appears that the flat-line begins when I HotSync my PDA through one of the other USB ports. I’ve been closing WD when I do the HotSync and restarting it afterward, but it still loses contact sometimes. Probably just a problem with my 6-year old PC, but I’m still waiting for my serial datalogger to arrive.

I’ve cleaned up all the log files as well as they can be, but the 31-day graphs in WDL are still flat for the last 9 days. I would have expected that after 2 days I would have a couple of days of good data or 11 days of flat – it seems stuck. Do the log files get “dumped” regulary into a .ini file, so that even though the logs are good, the .ini file still has the bad data. If so, can this be corrected? Or, may be something else is happening. I know I’ve been pulling in good data for the past week or so. I’m completely baffled.