31 Day Graphs...Data incorrect

I posted a thread some days ago regarding the problem I’m having with the 31 day graphs, but I haven’t had any response as yet.

Basically, at the beginning of the new month, my 31 day graphs always screw up! This month I did the usual convert log files to graphs action in WD, but lost the data completely! I haven’t been able to get the data back. tried again yesterday and the same thing happened so the only data I now have for August is from 14th! I have checked my 82006lg.txt and that also only shows data from 14th.

I have now set up my back-up files from WD to back up on a daily basis, so this will not re-occur. I have noticed that my 82006vantagelg.txt file has data from 1st August to current. Can I use this at all to amend my 82006lg.txt file to update my graphs? If so, how? Or is there another way to get back the lost data?

Please Help!