3 emails still for first rain of the day

Brian, it just started to rain and I received 3 emails again. The first one has the following subject: WD WEATHER WARNING first rain today This is what I expect.

The second 2 have the following subjects:
Monrovia WeatherWEATHER WARNING first rain today Time of event was : 9:11:01PM Current conditions : Windspeed 6.6 mph Direction SSW 204 Temperature 62.0 F Humidity 85 Barometer 29.627 in. Maximum windspeed 27.5 mph S at time: 3:17 PMMaximum speed last hr 24.4 mph SSE at time: 9:03 PM Rain today 0.01 in. Maximum temperature 65.6 F at time: 8:42 PM Minimum temperature 48.1 F at time: 03:06 AM Rain Rate/min 0.000 in./min (0.000 in./hr)Rain last hour 0.00 in. Max Rain Rate 0.000 in./min (0.000in./hr) at time: 04:27 AM

This is what I don’t want. Any suggetions? running ver 9.53

export and email me your wdisplayftp.ini settings from the registry