2nd website the way to get it play

Hi! :smiley:

I would like to have a 2nd weatherinfo website on a different domain server, besides of my or ordinary one.
I tried to configure my second ftp setup but with no success.

I the setup–>ftp/internet setup–>general ftp setup you can set up
to ftp the ticked files. I have tried this out, but no files is uploaded to my 2nd domain server.

I am sure I do something wrong here :oops:
I need a detailed all over explanation how to set up a 2nd website on a different domain server?

Anybody that have done this with success?

Thanks in advance for any helpfull information.

do you have ticked, upload the files to the below ftp serve
as well as have files in the normal general ftp setup entered…and then tick those files in the list for the 2nd server

the other way is to use the customise internet and file creation setup…and there set the 2nd ftp server setting in the other ftp servers setup
and then in the times to upload for the files needed, tick to upload to other ftp server, and set which ftp server number to use (that you have setup)