2nd WD Program

I forgot how to install a 2nd WD program. Would someone please help? It’s not on the online help site.

TIA :slight_smile:

I believe you install the second program to a different directory (Such as wdisplay2) and then in that folder you create a txt file called “2wd.txt” and then you’re ready to run that second copy of Weather Display.

Thanks Ultimeter, I’ll give it a try. :slight_smile: I had a second one going a year ago, but I lost the darn instructions on how to do it! :?

thats the one
its a good way to test out things :slight_smile:
(i.e just save it as 2wd with notepad, and it will save as 2wd.txt
(i.e make sure its not 2wd.txt.txt (i.e disabled known file extnsions in the fiolder options


Doesn’t that give you trouble, a second WD.
Where does it writes his config. The registry I suppose…

Doesn’t it rewrite the original WD registry keys with the values obtained from the second wd ?

by having the file 2wd.txt, it sets itself up with a wdisplay2.ini and a widisplayftp2.ini the registry
all configuration/data then separate
you can do this for 10 verisons on the one PC (which the US navy does)


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yes, i get up at 5:30 am each morning, to answer emails before I milk the cows (at 6:30 am), but as more and more cows calve, i will need to get up earlier and earlier
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