24hr and Daily Graphs

It looks like the dates are wrong on the 24hr and the daily graphs (yesterdaygraph.gif and dmyyyy.gif). When you look at the yesterdaygraph.gif it shows todays date.

Also, the links to the daily gifs in the monthly reports seem to be a day off. When I click on the link following the information for January 1st, it brings up the graph for the 2nd, 212003.gif (which is correct as that file was saved at midnight on the morning of the 3rd). And when I go to the last day in the report, like December 31 or January 7 (today is the 8th), it tries to link to the next days graph (which doesn’t exist). Ie, 32122002.gif and 812003.gif respectively. Because of this, there is no link to the graph for the first of the month.

you are rigth about the day being todays date, but the grpah is yesterdays graph (well it is for me, as i know, as we had 31mm for yesterday ))
this used to be OK
i will fix

The link on the generated web pages for the month is also pointing to the wrong image. For example, when I am loking at the section titled “Averages\Extremes for day :01” and I scroll down to the link labeled “Click here for todays 24 hour graph” the gif that is loaded is the 212003.gif, not the 112003.gif.

I am running 9.45a and this behaviour is evident through the most recent date in that web page (yesterday).

its Ok for me, but I have a 9am main reset time in use, and metric

so there must be something with midnight reset and or US units
I will check now

i think this bug has been there a while then!

found it
uploading a new vers now