24 Hour Trend-Version 9.35e

The 24 hour trend is blank, all the rest of them are ok. This just started today 12/1. Any ideas???

start of the month new data file…it will be back on the 2nd

for those of us who have been on for a while, 24 Trends have gone way off, e.g., barometer +1018 hpa, dew point +126.5 F.

Looks like the previous fix of the 24 hour trends is subject to a month-end bug.



yep, the last 24 hour showed up on schedule. What about last month?

hi all,

how can I change trends.gif in

last 10 minutes
last 30 min
last 24 hours
last month
last year

it’s only the sequence but looks some more logical ?

only i have the power!

i will do that, good idea (its come about becuase i have added to it)