24, 48 and 72 hour graphs

Would it be possible to split the 24,48 and 72 hour graphs up?

the 72 hour graph shows the 48 hour graph and having have all three shows the same thing but longer?

I mean that if I have the 72 hour graph, I see what has happened 48 and 24 hours ago. So if I had the option of having either or both the 48 and 72 hour graph, it would look less cluttered, unlike my commentary. A bit rattled, had explain to the wife the web page and being the journalist she is, it was like being on 60 minutes.

i get what you mean.
yes i could add that option (of which of the 3 to display)

You could also just delete the appropriate HTML code from the “datahtm2” document. That’s what I have done, so my web page has only the 72 hour graph option.


after I posted that, I thought about that since I had ticked manage the data2htm.txt option and did so.

The three graphs are a nice presentation to have . and the option to have them single would be of benefit for someone who might not be comfortable with seeing how much trouble could deleting this and that might be.