24/48/72 main display web page graphs

Hi Brian ,
As your’ve noticed your 24/48/72 main display web page graphs are plotting the windspeed 0/100 kts scale whereas the actual scale is 0/25 kts . 8O

Thanks for the phonecall ( so I could remind you about it ) :stuck_out_tongue:
maybe you could ring everyone whose posted a bug report .

(Now that’s what I call customer service)
:smiley: Rocketman

And I suppose your’ve already ready fixed it by the time I’ve posted this message :wink:

yup,fixed, in a new vers 9.67b, ready now :stuck_out_tongue:
(applied to blocked in wind graphing option for the curr 24/84/72 hours graphs on the web page for when the windspeed was under 25 knots)