2012_lts updates-enhancements after October 31

After the final October 31 release there will be updates needed. Providers change their API or a new PHP versions may need tickering with the scripts.

And there are user request, some of which can not be ignored.

But first everyone should make sure that all scripts are recent by using PWS_updates.php and downloading and installing all changed scripts.

Then one should regularly check the list of updated scripts after October 31, 2023

There will be 2 kinds of new or enhanced scripts to download:

  1. Free to download scripts, used for removal of errors or problems inside the core scripts
  2. Enhancements, often by user requests which can only be downloaded by users with a donation-token.

First enhanced script is available as a free download: wrnWarningEU-CAP

There was a request to make the first tab synchronised with the user language.
Also the links to the local meteo-website are back in the data and can be selected.

The 2012_lts demo website uses this script also.


How to know if we have a token?

As discussed in this topic , the Aeris forecast block and the YrNo forecast block did not align in the middle on a phone when using all available width with 1 block / row.

Visit the download page here .


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