1wire humidity

Brian, not sure what is going on but this just started. My 1wire humidty in WD says 32% and just hovers around low readings. I had checked the box to prevent low readings so not sure why it is happening. I was working with the offsets the past few days and set a -12% offset to correct some high readings I have been getting. Today it is raining and the sensor did great until around 88% where it dropped to like 22%. I went into the ibutton viewer and it reports 100% relative humidity so not sure what the differencers are here. Hoping you have some ideas.

btw…link is http://weather.theviolas.net


another strange thing is that the table view from the web page reports 100% humidity where as the main screen shows 32% as does the graphs.

100 - 88
that is a clue
try setting the offset back to zero
wd wont let the humidity go over 100%

the web table gets the value from the main screen, so thats wierd

hey brian…that did fix the problem. I set everything back to offset of 0 and checked the box to fix low readings. This doesnt help me with the high readings so I am not sure what to do from here. I have the humidity sensor under a covered deck that is about 15’ off the ground so I know it is not getting wet. I have ordered a radiation shield but not sure that is going to help. Will let yu know how that turns out.