11:08 am

when the midnight reset went off the gust and speed went to 11:08 AM and remained there . I went into the ini file and also saw it there as well as the time of yesterday’s gust and speed.

I tried to manually reset all values and only the temperature changed to the reset time. This is in 940.

I also noted in the record all time - the dates are for tomorrow and that the daily record does not update .


was there any wind during the midnight roll over?
the wind gust time only gets set when there is wind

this morning at `11 am there was an 11 mph gust. Can’t tell yet.

But shouldn’t at midnight the roll over go to 0 at 00:00? and then the next gust be recorded?

The Last hour gust, gust, and maximum average all read 0 at 11:00 AM at the roll over time.

so which one is not being set to 00:00 if no wind?

I am going to monitor this a bit closer today. Maybe I am daft.

The maximum gust today was 11.1 at 11 am. this was the same at 1:30 this morning.

The Guest last last hour at 1:30 am read 0.0 at 11 Am now it is 8.1 at 12:14 so that looks fine.
The maximum average was 0.0 at 11 am at 1:30 am this morning but now reads 6.5 at 11:01 am, which is now at 12:40 pm.

I am going to track these today and get back with you.

I did have 9.40 on board then reverted the computer back to 9.39 e with the system restore , that was set to be on last friday afternoon. I’
m going to look through the log files again for a glitch. I wonder if the xp restore program puts glitches in the log files. By the way I saved the log files and reloaded them into save the data.

I’ll get back to you on what is happening. with the times and speeds. by the way the 10 min average speed for 12:43 is 4

had a gust of 12 mph and the time set is pretty close to the davis time, about a minute off, but that isn’t critical. I am sure the time difference is that the software is more accurage than the Davis Console, although Davis disagrees with that.

I am not certain what happened, Brian. Perhaps it is the fault of the flying pig avatar or staying up all night balancing the books. I’ve got to get to sleep before 3 am. School next week.

I’ll keep an eye on this. I think I will upgrade to 9.40 somethime this afternoon to see if a fresh download will do better.

definitely change the avitar!

I often thought that was a good saying. But being from Iowa, Flying Pigs might be a bit on the messy side.

I will look for a different one :lol: