10 P.M. Crash

Shortly after 10 P.M. every day Windows XP Pro indicates an error in WD and shuts the program down. The 10 P.M. upload to the internet, Wunderground, APRS and AnythingWeather does take place. The only thing I could find that may be in conflict is the “Free Memory Now” function that I have ticked. I un-ticked it last night and will find out at 10 P.M. tonight if that is it. This has been going on for a little while now.
The only thing I have done lately is updated to v9.79, but went back to v9.77 because of problems with the rain readings and midnight reset not clearing all readings.

yup, it will be the 10pm memory degrag
some pc’s dont like it
rain readings and midnight reset with 9.79???

After I updated to 9.79 the first time rain totals went off and I had to adjust manually, and not all the extreme conditions reset at midnight. I installed v9.79 again last night and things seem to be working now. We are do for rain again today, I’ll holler if things act up.

last night after the 2:40 am upload, locked up . I did have Interwarn at the same time, but shouldn’t had an effect.

I checked error logs and ftp logs but no clue. I 'll set Dr.Watson to monitor tonight.