10.37Qb04 on Windows 98


I did a quick search on the forums, but didn’t spot anything regarding the following. I’ve just installed 10.37Qb04 onto a Windows 98 (not SE). During the install it barked that it could not register 3 OCX files. This I could live with, but on attempting to start WD, it displayed a message that Wdisplay.exe was expecting a later version of the OS. Any ideas if WD will run on Win 98 or does win need 98 SE? Previous versions of WD run well on 98. For now, I have reverted back to 10.37O

Many Thanks

you will have to use 10.37p build 44 (see the download page)
as the new compiler versions will not work on win98 (windows 2000 might need a patch even)