10.37Q-(b57) Extract window doesn't close on initial startup

I’ve been seeing this for a while (even back in the 10.37P versions).

When WD first starts up after a system boot, the reading archive window starts up, and reads the VP archive fine, then stops as shown in the attached image. Closing WD and restarting does cause a quick appearance of the extract window, but it goes away almost immediately.

Anything to be done about this?

Setup is Windows-XP SP3 32-bit, 2GB RAM
Virtual VP V1.2.5
WD runs via virtual com port COM16 thru N8VBvCom driver to COM6

Hope there’s a solution :slight_smile:

Best regards,

I think the issue might be with VVP sending WD data that keeps stopping WD from timing out
also, make sure though that the time/date on the VP matches the time/date on the PC
so that when WD finds the current time/date it finishes up the process

what shows under view, WS2010/WS2500 data setup?
(after this problem has occurred)

I do not have this paerticular problem here myself and have only seen a couple of reports similar to this
(VVP not in use)

so, check that the time/date on the VP console matches the PC first

Hi Brian,

The console time was about 45 seconds off (slow). I’ve changed the console time to be within 5 seconds of the PC time (which is set every hour to time-b.nist.gov NTP time source.

I’ll have to reboot, then look at the screen you cited to post that result.


I was more thinking of minutes off would cause a problem

the problem will be then how VVP is responsding to WD , WD responding to VVP
at the end of the data

the debug info should help with that

also , are you using a recent version of VVP?

Have you tried using the TCP/IP connection, instead of the virtual COM driver?

Just to say that build 57 works OK for me with that driver, only difference is that I am running W2K not XP at present, at least I have not seen it but then I dont restart very often either.