1-Wire Sensors Not Registering in Weather Display

The master copy of this FAQ now resides in the WeatherWiki

This FAQ covers a problem that some users have experienced when using 1-Wire sensors as part of their weather station setup in Weather Display.

When the sensors have been connected to the PC and setup using the OneWireViewer, the OneWireViewer will be able to “see” all the sensors but in Weather Display they will not be detected and WD will keep searching for them.

This can occur during the initial setup of the 1-Wire sensors, after a 1-Wire driver update or following a Weather Display update.

The normal cause of this is to do with the 1-Wire drivers that come as part of the Weather Display full download.
If you have downloaded the 1-Wire drivers from the Maxim website and they are installed in your WINDOWS/system32 folder then the drivers contained within Weather Display sometimes do not work and stop Weather Display from detecting the sensors.

The solution to this is to either rename or delete the 1-Wire drivers from the wdisplay program folder.
The drivers are named as follows:



  1. The next time you do a full download of Weather Display these driver will also be downloaded, so if your 1-Wire senors are not found by Weather Display after an update then you will need to repeat the process.

  2. The drivers now contained as part of the Weather Display full download are the latest v4.01.