1-wire rain gauge setup

Hi all,
I have a Fascinating Electronics rain gauge with a 1-wire interface. Its reporting .1 mm per tip in WD, when I have it calibrated for .25mm (i.e.100 tips = 25mm of rain). How do I change this per tip setting?
I had a look in the Offsets dialogue and set “modified rain gauge new tip” to 0.25mm but it still reports .1mm. What have I missed.? :?

try ticking 0.2mm type gauge in the 1 wire setup, then use the modified tip in the offsets to change it
but i will add a 0.25mm type rain guage to the 1 wire setup page too

Thanks Brian,

I ticked the 0.2 for now. I’ll look forward to the 0.25 setting in the 1-wire setup.

If I was to use the modified tip do I enter 0.05 or the full 0.25?

i would enter 1.05

I’ve set the rain tips to 0.25 using 10.16a, will see what it does next time it rains. Many thanks Brian.

Which given this picture isn’t likely today :lol:

i took out my rain guage…and i am still getting rain recorded!..so i have a faulty 1 wire counter …i have ordered a new one…