1-wire Lightning Dector - Actual Attempt

Very, very nice Chaz…

Let us know how it works when you get a thunder boomer…

I am hoping for possible thunderstorms this evening or tomorrow morning and may get to see how well mine works…


I’ll take one! Just tell me where to send the check (or Paypal).

Now you guys have me thinking… buy the board from www.Hobby-Boards.com and… where do you get that RJ11 to USB doggle?

Excellent job Chaz …looks very nice !!

CarterLake the adapter is of this type found at the below link



The link that Ed1 posted is where I got the USB adaptor which I posted information regarding the installation of here:


Very good!

Just a suggestion, if someone doesn’t have a P259 based antenna in their junk box it might be simpler to just use another banana plug and jack (like the one used for ground) for the antenna connection, they come in pairs anyway and it’s 4 less holes to drill :smiley:

Right you are. Good idea. The 9V battery holder comes in pairs, too!

So let me get this straight…

I need:

LD3-R1 Lightning Detector ($45 assembled and shipped)
RJ-11 to USB adapter ($32.50 shipped)
Phone cord

That’s it?

Don’t forget the 9V battery!

Basically that is it…

Ohh and some lightning to detect :stuck_out_tongue:


Gotta get ordering. Anybody have any thoughts on how to test range?

Move to Florida :lol: (sorry Bob)

Ok, call me cheap… I just diked off the end of a USB cable I had laying around…

Can’t I just hardwire that to the hobby board and save $32?


Anybody have any thoughts? Do I just need to contact black to black, red to red, ect. on the RJ-11?

No! That USB dongle is a 1-wire to USB interface. Lots of electronics in there…

I have visions of smoke, lights going dim, breakers popping :evil:

Tom you actually have to Install the USB adaptor in order for it to read the 1-wire board…

And it takes an RJ11-12 connector so a USB cable wouldn’t do much good unless you use it for the wire from the detector to the RJ to plug into the adaptor… Hope that USB cable wasn’t an expensive one Oyyyyy

Ohhhhh "zing’ on the move to Florida LOL

Hopefully around midnight tonight, or sooner i may see legitimate hits. Assuming I have everything installed and hooked up right…


[quote author=Chaz link=topic=8047.msg56255#msg56255 date=1110243245]

Ohhh Man…

I sure hope I have “good” “bzzzzzzzzttttttttttt” news later tonight or in the morning for everyone LOL

Thunder and Lightning… Bring it on LOL

My wife has been looking at me like I was some sort of Nut (worse then normal) all afternoon…as I walked around mumbling (rather loudly) Thunder and Lightning, Thunder and Lightning… LOL


Actually I am going to try and keep an eye on the below link and see what correlates and what doesn’t… again Assuming

We are just north of the 100 mile mark, right about here…


I’ve been thinking once I get it working [-o< to ask the local TV station for a count of their strikes based on radius… that should give me a rough estimate on range.

30 minutes delayed, but might be useful http://www.lightningstorm.com/tux/jsp/gpg/lex1/mapdisplay_free.jsp

Some detective work produced this as well…