1-wire Humidity

We can check the box that says “Use Humidity data for Main Humidity” or something to that effect… what I’d like to see is a button that says “Use 1-wire Humidity for INDOOR Humidity”. My Peet Bros doesn’t have a built in Humidity sensor, and I have a 1 wire… which, I’ve used outside as my “Main” sensor, but I’d like to add one for my “Inside” sensor as well… I know I can use it as an extra sensor, but I’d like to use it for the “Indoor Humidity” label on WD…

I don’t fancy spending 100$ US for a humidity sensor from Peet, when I have a perfectly good one from AAG :slight_smile:


you can do that
go to the dallas 1 wire setup, and choose the humidity sensor number to use as indoor humidity, and for indoor temperature (the temperature from this temp/hum sensor)
(scroll down to see this indoor temp/hum setup)

but, i guess i need to add this an override for stations other than a 1 wire, in the com port setup
try that for starts and see if it works