1 Wire humidity/temp sensor tags - Missing data?

I have a WM-918 and I just added a 1-Wire DS9097U-S09 port adapter and a TA18540A humidity with temp sensor. I have it configured and in the setup / setup 1 wire dallas sensors menu I have a pink box in the lower right part of the sceen and it displays the correct humidity and temp for the sensor and high/low times. Right click on the graphs and choose Dallas 1 wire extra sensor graphs and under the sensor 1 tab I have the correct humidity/temp. I click on the setup tab and under the labels/names I keep losing what I type in along with the temp scale setup values. Anyway, I tried to setup my own web page with this extra sensor info and some of the fields do not work. Here is what I get when I try all the 1 wire temp tags:


try setting a name for this humidity sensor, in the dallas 1 wire setup…

the reading should also plot on the autoscale graphs (see under view, or right mouse click on the main screen to see that menu item)

i will test out those tags meself, since i have a 1 wire humidity sensor in use with another station meself :slight_smile:

ok, i have found the problem

the reading is reset to zero each time…
i have stopped that

that should help

also, for the dallas 1 wire extra sensor graph, dont forget to click on save, and do that for the graph number selected

i just tested, and it did save my settings

download and try a new 9.73 version now