1 wire hub & pressure sensor


Could you tell me what the hub does. I am still having trouble with the pressure sensor. Is it correct that the data stops while the reading is taken, which is very couple of minutes.

Many thanks


yes, that is the way it has to work…
i borrowed one of these, and then sent it back, but i am getting one sent to me by aag

its a multiswitching system, where each 1 wire branhc is powered by an external source

could be usefull if lots of humidity sensors (or similar) in use, but its not really required on a good 1 wire lan setup and if use weather display, which uses the dallas tmex drivers, and is more tolerant

in vers 9.76, i have a reset (so WD gets the calibration settings etc again), and the barometer offset you have allocated (under setup, barometer offset and rainfall) now gets used…